• We have SH Weimaraner litter :)

    On the night of March 29th to 30th, 2024, a litter of SH Weimaraner puppies was born in our kennel!

    The mother and puppies are doing very well 😊

    The parents of the puppies are:
    Slavinja XERES “Heaven” and Slavinja HECA

    We have 12 puppies!
    5 females and 7 males

    If you’re interested in the puppies, feel free to contact us:

    More about litter R – HERE
    Litter gallery – HERE

  • Vizsla SH puppies!

    We have confirmed a multiple pregnancy! The mother of the litter will be be our FINKA! and the father KARMEL Cinnamon Vizsla Dream.
    Hungarian Short-haired Vizsla puppies will be born in the second half of December 2023.

    More about litter click HERE

    Those interested in the puppies are welcome to contact us at phone number +48501595302
    or via e-mail:
  • International Dog Show Kielce 2023

    During the International Dog Show in Kielce, organized on November 25-26, 2023, Slavinja XERES “Heaven” received an excellent grade and 1st place in the intermediate class!
    Judge: Jakub Rudziński
  • II Hunting Dogs Breed Show 01.10.2023 in Piotrków Trybunalski (PL)

    At the II Piotrowska Hunting Dog Breed Show held on October 1, 2023, our dogs achieved the following results:

    Slavinja DYFUZJA (vizsla) ex, BOS, BOB, CAC
    Slavinja XERES (weimaraner) ex, Best Dog, CAC

    We thank Judge Izabella Krasowska – Salomon for the nice atmosphere in the ring and
    professional descriptions of our dogs

  • CAC Płock 2023

    After a short pause we’re back at the rings 🙂 This is how our dogs did over the weekend;
    9.09.2023 – 47. Dog Show in Gostynin, CAC Płock 2023:
    Slavinja XERES (weimaraner sh) – ex, 1’st place, BOS, CAC
    Slavinja DYFUZJA (vizsla sh)- ex, 1’st place, BOB, CAC
    Slavinja AMSA ( weimaraner LH)- ex, 1’st place, BOB, CAC
  • XXIX Pointing Dogs Club Show in Księże-Młyny, Poland 2023

    On September 10, 2023, we had the pleasure of participating in the XXIX Pointing Dogs Club Show in Księże-Młyny.
    Our dogs were judged in the ring by the judge Gerda Halff – van Boven (NL) and judge Wim Wellens (NL).
    Our LH weimaraners received beautiful descriptions and the following titles:

    Slavinja FAUN – Club Winner 2023, BOB
    Slavinja AMSA – Club Winner 2023, BOS,
    Slavinja WOYAN – Best Puppy, in the final ring, our little one also received BIS PUPPY II!
    and among vizsla’s our
    Slavinja DYFUZJA achieved an excellent rating and second place in the open class.
    Thank you for the great organization and management of the event! and see you next year 🙂

  • We have Weimaraner SH and LHC puppies!

    On July 12, 2023, a litter of sh and lhc weimaraner puppies was born in our kennel. We have 14 puppies, 5 females and 9 males.
    The parents of litter T are:
    Slavinja fci XERES &  Slavinja fci JARZĘBINA
    Puppies and mom are doing very well!
    Puppies will be ready for pickup after August 31, 2023.

    More about litter…
    ‘T’ litter gallery

    If you are interested in puppies, please contact us,
    by phone: +48501595302, or by e-mail: slavinjaweims@gmail.com