URTICA Bractwo Łowieckie "Hańba"

(TOM vom Hahnenkamm & CZAKRA od Vicenickeho Potoka)

(brown roan)
d.o.b. 18.03.2016

Hańba – our URTICA is a wonderful universal working dog with a great pedigree. Her parents and more distant relatives are all working dogs coming from the best German and Czech lines. Hańba has lots of endurance, persistence and a sounding bark. She’s excellent with fresh scent, speaking clearly and resonantly while tracking game. Hańba is rounded out by a sure retrieval, eagerness to work in water and an independent working style. She has good contact with the handler, which make her a pleasure to work with during hunts. She has a strong bone, muscular silhouette and a wonderful, distinct roan coat, with slightly wavy hair. Her proportionate and proper build has been acknowledged by many cynological judges, giving her top marks.

Health, utility, shows:

HD A; ED 0:0
OCD – Free L(-) P(-)
Heart: tested clear, certyficate

Ist Regional Multilateral Hunting Trials for Pointing Dogs and Small Working Breeds in Natalin, PL 2017:
Ist level diploma, 1st place, 214/228p.

Junior Hunting Trials, Olsztyn, PL 2017:
I st level diploma, 1st place, 120/120p.


CAC Brodnica 2018:
judge: Grzegorz Weron
excellent, 1st place, CAC, BB, BOB!!!

World Dog Show 2017 Lipzig (D):
judge: Doedijns Rony (NL)
excellent, place 2/5, res-VDH CAC

CACIB Sopot, PL, 2017:
judge: Bogusława Szydłowicz-Polańczyk (PL)
excellent, place 1, CAC

CAC Olsztyn-Szczytno, PL, 2017:
judge: Renata Niklasiewicz (PL)
excellent, place 1, CAC

CACIB Warszawa, PL, 2017:
judge: Sergii Slukin (UA)
excellent, place 1, CACIB, BOS

CACIB Łódź, PL, 2017
judge: Linda Volarikova (SK)
ex, 1st place, Junior Winner, Junior BOB, BOB!!!

CAC Grudziądz, PL, 2017
judge: Grzegorz Robak (PL)
ex, 1st place, Junior Winner, Junior BOB, BOB!!!

CAC Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, PL, 2017
judge: Maria Zasada (PL)
ex, 1st place, Junior Winner, Junior BOB, BOB!!!

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