Slavinja ATOM

owner: Radosław Boguszewski

(RELOADED Just Dance & Slavinja I’JARUNA)

d.o.b. 27.09.2021

Slavinja ATOM – Oji is a young stud bred in our kennel. He is a dog with exceptional working qualities, of medium size with proportional body structure and well-defined musculature. He has a beautiful silvery coat and delicate silky fur. He is the son of RELOADED Just Dance and Slavinja I’JARUNA – our gem in the kennel! Oji owes his incredibly balanced and cheerful character to his lineage. He is not a conflict-prone dog and gets along great with other males. He is a Weimaraner through and through – he learns quickly, has a huge willingness to work, a classic point, and gentle retrieve. He covers the field widely and eagerly, utilizing the upper and lower wind perfectly, and water is his element. At home, he is a couch potato, loving his human. Relationships with humans are the most important to him, and therefore he prefers to cooperate based on social rewards. Those interested in using Oji in their breeding program are welcome to contact us.

Health, utility, shows:

Hip joints – perfect, HD: A/A,
Elbow joints
– perfect, ED: 0:0,

Heart: cardiac examination 2024,
healthy heart, no abnormalities detected
Eyes: ophthalmological certificate 2023,
healthy eyes without any changes

Spinal Dysraphism (SD)
genotype N/N, clear, not a carrier

Thyroid: too young

Junior hunting trial test for Pointing Dogs:
1st Degree diploma, score 96/100

Companion Dog (PT-I)
1st Degree diploma, score 184/200

VIII International Dog Show, Częstochowa 22.07.2023
judge: Andrzej Jakubowski
excellent, CWC/CAC, Res. CACIB, 1st place,

IX National Dog Show, Pruszków 18-19.03.2023:
judge: Tadeusz Chwalny
excellent, Best Adult Dog, CWC/CAC, 1st place,

XVIII International Dog Show
Polish Winner 2022, Kielce 20.11.2022
judge: Bronislav Rajic
excellent, 3rd place

49th Autumn Dog Show, Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki 1-2.10.2022:
judge: Jakub Rudziński
excellent, Junior winner, Best Junior, BOB 1st place

IV National Hunting Dog Show, Białystok 20.08.2022:
judge: Tomasz Borkowski
excellent, youth winner, BOS 1st place