Slavinja I'JARUNA

(Slavinja URSUS MAYOR & Waldwiese CONTRA)

d.o.b. 13.09.2019

Slavinja i'Jaruna, wyżeł weimarski krótkowłosy lhc, wyżeł, weimar
Slavinja i'Jaruna, wyżeł weimarski krótkowłosy lhc, wyżeł, weimar

Jaruna was born as the only girl in her litter – a true pearl in the litter and our kennel! She’s well sized and very appealing with a proper head and a silvery hue on a very soft coat. She’s the daughter of Ursus – Slavinja URSUS MAYOR and our long haired Mokosz – Waldwiese Contra. Jaruna’s mother – Mokosz, began our journey with breeding Long Haired Weimaraners. Ursus owes his well balanced and bright demeanor as well as an unrivaled work drive, to his parents Zemes and Helmut, which both come from our kennel. Jaruna has all of the most important dogs from our kennel in her pedigree, which makes this litter very special to us. Besides the sentimental value, Jaruna is at the height of maturity, learning quickly with an unprecedented drive for retrieval work, and a steady classic point. She searches the field far and wide and will retrieve anything from a variety type of terrain including marshes, bogs and thickets.

Health, utility, shows:

HD:A, ED 0:0
Heart: Tested in 2021, Clear
Eyes: Tested with Certificate 2021, Clear
Tyroid: too young


Breeding qualification:

judge – Wojciech Trzebiecki (PL)

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