Slavinja DYFUZJA

(Gyurkóvári Becses & Capoeira Banataj Wind)

d.o.b. 13.05.2019

Slavinja Dyfuzja, wyżeł węgierski krótkowłosy, wyżeł, vizsla

Slavinja Dyfuzja – call name Fuzja, was born in our kennel from the combination of two wonderful dogs. Her mother is our Ruda imported from the Czech Republic, and her father is a Slovenian stud, bred in Hungary – Lux (Gyurkóvári Becses). Fusion is a wonderful combination of her parents – she is a perfect dog in every way. She is balanced, cheerful, and doesn’t pose any upbringing problems. As befits a Hungarian short-haired pointer, she is intelligent and learns quickly. When activity is needed, she is active, and when there is no such need, she is the perfect companion for relaxation by the fireplace.

Working with Fusion is pure pleasure. She has an excellent sense of smell, a confident stance, and a proper, balanced retrieve. Like any ‘Vizsla’, she loves contact with humans and all forms of cooperation in performing tasks. She is also a master at finding lost keys, phones, and camera caps during walks, which she joyfully locates and returns to desperate owners. Slavinja Dyfuzja is not only a wonderful companion or working dog but also a beautifully conformed representative of the Hungarian short-haired pointer.

Health, utility, shows

HDA, ED 0:0
Heart: Tested with Certificate, Clear
Eyes: Tested with Certificate, Clear
Thyroid: too young
Neonatal Cerebellar Cortical Degeneration or Cerebellar Abiotrophy (NCCD): Clear
Hyperuricosuria, (HUU/SLC): Clear
Malignant Hyperthermia (MH): Clear

Soon more…


II Piotrowska Hunting Dog Breed Show:
Judge: Izabela Krasowskiej – Salomon
Excellent, 1st place, Best Adult Female in Breed, Breed Winner, CWC

47th Dog Breed Show in Gostynin, Płock 2023:
Judge: Stanisław Abłamowicz

Excellent, 1st place, Best Adult Female in Breed, Breed Winner, CWC

European Dog Breed Show, Paris 2022:
Excellent, 3rd place out of 12

Breeding qualifications:
Breeding Review
Judge: Elżbieta Chwalibóg

National Dog Breed Show, Łódź 2021:
Judge: Agnieszka Skórzewska (PL)
Excellent, 1st place, CWC, Best Adult Female in Breed, BOS

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