Tayna Severa FANTAZIYA 'Smuga'



Smuga was born in the Asian part of Russia located on the eastern side of the Urals. She comes from the working Tayna Severa kennel, where Laikas are still used today as sled and hunting dogs. As a breed, Yakutian Laikas thrive in extremely harsh conditions of the north, which makes them easily adaptable to our temperate climate.
Smuga is a medium-sized bitch, well-muscled and compact in her conformation. She has a nicely developed, rich coat, regardless of the season. At work, she is characterized by passion, independence, great focus on the task at hand, and unbelievably in tune with her handler. Her extraordinary sense of smell makes it a great pleasure to work on scent tracking. Thanks to Smuga, we are also taking our first steps in sports such as canicross and bikejoring, with a future goal of taking part in dog sled competitions.

Health, utility, shows:

HD A, ED 0:0
Eyes, including gonioscopy – clear, backed with certificate
Heart – clear, backed with certificate
Ears, using BAER method, healthy +/+, backed with certificate


International Dog Show Crufts Nomination 2023 – CACIB Wrocław, 24/25.09.2022 
excelent, 1st place, CAC
Winter Dog Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki 3/4.12.2022
excelent, 1st place, CAC
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