Slavinja AMSA

(Just Dance RELOADED & Slavinja I'JARUNA)

d.o.b. 27.09.2021

Slavinja Amsa – Kudłata is a good soul in our pack. She is a very warm, gentle, and incredibly cheerful long-haired Weimaraner. A wonderful companion for everyday life – she is very polite, obedient, and compliant. She eagerly collaborates with humans, always the first to engage in any form of activity. She loves retrieving, especially from water, where she happily swims at any time of the year 😉 In the field, she works at a very good pace, covering the field widely, with a steady point. She is a small, very well-built Weimaraner, with a very good quality coat of beautiful silvery coloration.

Health, utility, shows:

HD:A, ED 0:0
Heart: Tested in 2021, Clear
Eyes: Tested with Certificate in 2021, Clear
Spinal Dysraphism, SD – N/N, No copies of mutation
Hypomyelination, HYP – N/N, No copies of mutation
Degenerative Myelopathy, DM – N/N, No copies of mutation
Hyperuricosuria, HUU – N/N, No copies of mutation

Tyroid: too young



XXIX Pointing Breeds Club Show, Księże Młyny 2023:
judge: Gerda Halff – van Boven (NL)
excellent, 1st place, CAC, BOS
Club Winner 2023!

47th Purebred Dog Show in Gostynin, Płock 2023:
judge: Stanisław Abłamowicz (PL)
excellent rating, 1st place, CAC,
Best of Breed!

50th Winter Purebred Dog Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki:
judge: Mariusz Drewniak (PL)
excellent rating, 1st place, Best Junior,
Best of Breed!

49th Autumn Purebred Dog Show – Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki
judge: Jakub Rudziński (PL)
excellent rating, 1st place, Youth Winner, Best Junior in Breed,
Best of Breed!

XXVIII Pointing Breeds Club Show, Balice, Poland 2022:
judge: Nicola Nix Dumezic (Montenegro)
excellent rating, 1st place,
Best Junior in Breed, Winner of the Opposite Sex,
Junior Club Winner 2022!

Breeding qualifications 2022:
Judge: Elżbieta Chwalibóg