Slavinja Anime Girl

Drake VIA Heraltisz & Melisa Magia Psiego Ogona

(shorthaire, tricolore)

d.o.b. 19.01.2018



Slavinja Anime Girl or “Emi” is our tri-color short haired Jack Russell. She’s the definition of her breed: cunning, alert and very forward. Emi fears nothing and is highly active. To complete this she’s got a great build and a deeply pigmented coat. Emi has a demanding character that needs a strong lead, discipline and most of all engagement. She’s very fast to carry out commands and learns quick. Emi comes from an exemplary cross in which two dogs with a true passion for work and a proper build were combined. Emi is also free from any genetic faults typical of the breed.

Health, utility, shows:

PLL – certyficate, free, genotype N/N
LOA – certyficate, free, genotype N/N
SCA – certyficat, free, genotype N/N

CACIB Częstochowa 2019
judge: Ladislav Frnco (CZ)
ex, place III
CAC Kalisz 2019
judge: Adam Stasiak (PL)
ex, place I, CWC 
CAC Kalisz 2019
judge: Joanna Warzecha (PL)
ex, place I, CWC

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