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d.o.b. 28.11.2008

Helmut’s pedigree is a combination of American, Polish and Australian working lines. This strong combination has given a proper build with fantastic work characteristics. His pedigree displays generations of work champions, starting with his great grandparents: Westend’s Lil’s Sage Rider – the number one work stud dog of all time of the American Weimaraner Club, who to this day is the father of 22 work champions and Snake Breaks SGT Schultz, taking 4th place on the same list, and being the father of 16 USA work champions. Moreso, in Helmut’s pedigree, his grandparents deserve a mention. The male Grau Geist Lil’s Caprock Rev, also work champion, and the dam Grau Geist’s Lilith von Legs, number 4 among the best work champion mothers according to the American Weimaraner Club. Helmut’s father is a Czech work champion: Asa’s Hunter The Pink One. Helmut inherited a great exterior from his mother’s side (Rio Grande Fala Love’a) and his fantastic working abilities from his father. He is eager to work and does so with a lot of passion, which is proven again and again during hunts and competitions. Helmut is Work Champion of the Czech Republic. Until this day he has received 24 diplomas from both versatile and multilateral championships in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, among which 6 were certificates for work champion. At the same time Helmut is show champion of Poland and Belarus as well as interchampion.

Health, utility, shows:

HD: A, ED: 0:0
Heart: cert.tested 2009, 2018, 2019 – clear
Eyes: cert.tested, clear
Spinal Dysraphism, SD – N/N, No copies of mutation
Hypomyelination, HYP – N/N, No copies of mutation
Degenerative Myelopathy, DM – N/N, No copies of mutation
DNA profiled
Thyroid: OK

Czech Working Champion

Memoriál Štefana Krasňanského (Slovakia):
(Versatile/Allround trial)
IInd level diploma, place 10/22, 411 p.

Memorial Vladimira Dejmka (CACT), Czech Republic:
(Versatile trial)
place 1/20, Ist level diploma, CACT
Best dog in pointing dogs group.

II. MLH o Pohar Premonstratskeho Klastera Milevsko (CACIT), Czech Republic:
Podzimni Zkousky Oharu – 282/300p., Ist level diploma
Specialni Zkousky z Vodni Prace – 96/100p., Ist level diploma
Bringing fox by the obstacle – 8/8p
Whole memorial – 386p., place 6/15, resCACT.

IV Memorial Jitky Hromadove 27-28.07.2012, Opava, Czech Repubilc:
Zkousky Vloh (“field event”) – 223/228 p., 1st level diploma, CACT
Specialni Zkousky z Vodni Prace Oharu (“water event”) – 100/100 p., 1st level diploma
Lesni Zkousky (“forest event”) – 234/248 p., 1st level diploma
Whole memorial – 557/576 p., place 4/18, 1st level diploma

Klubove Podzimni Zkousky (KKO), OMS Karlovy Vary’12, Czech Republic:
1st level diploma, IVth place, 293/300p., CACT

Podzimni Zkousky oharu, OMS Praga-vyhod’12, Czech Republic:
1st level diploma, IIIed place, 297/300p

Multilateral Hunting Trial, Gola’11, Poland:
3rd level diploma, 223/264 p., 3/12.

III Memorial Jitky Hromadove’11, Opava, Czech Republic:
Zkousky Vloh (“field events”) – 225/228 p., 1st level diploma, CACT
(opened Czech work champion title)
Specialni Zkousky z Vodni Prace Oharu (“water events”) – 96/100 p., 1st level diploma
Lesni Zkousky Oharu (“forest events”) – 214/248 p., 3rd level diloma
Whole memorial – 535/576 p., place10/23, 3rd level diploma

Jesenné skúšky stavačov, 11.VI.2011, Nové Sady, Slovakia:
1st level diploma, 210 p., CACT
(opened Slovakian work champion title)

Multilateral Hunting Trial Zator-Spytkowice’10, Poland:
1st level diploma, 5/10, 249/264 p.

XIV Kujawsko-Pomorski Multilateral Hunting Trial Nowy Dwór’10, Poland:
1st level diploma, 247/264 p.

LIX National Versatile Hunting Trial Rokosowo’10, Poland:
3rd level diploma, 220/264 p.,7/10

Multilateral Hunting Trial Sienno’10, Poland:
3rd level diploma, 217/264 p.,1/8


XIII Kujawsko-Pomorski Multilateral Hunting Trial Jarantowice’09, Poland:
1st level diploma, 231/264 p., 3/7
(in age of 10 months old)

Basic Hunting Test Czerniejewo’09, Poland:
1st level diploma, 85/100 p., p7/31
(in age of 9 months old)


CACIB Minsk 2012 – ex.,CAC, Winner, CACIB
CAC Zabrze 2011 – ex., CAC, Winner
CACIB Rzeszow 2011 – ex., CAC, Zw, CACIB, BOB, BOG2
CAC Włocławek 2010 – ex., CWC, Zwycięzca
CAC Toruń 2010 – ex., CAC, Zw, BOB, BOG2, BIS Working Dogs 3
Club Show Antoninek 2010 – ex, 1, res.BIS Working Dogs
CAC Warszawa 2009 – ex., Junior Winner, Junior BOB
CACIB Białystok 2009 – ex., Junior Winner, Junior BOB, BOB, BOG3

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