A few overdue posts from our kennel’s life:

A few overdue posts from our kennel’s life that make us happy, so we are sharing these events:
Slavinja POKERFACE – Longhaired Weimaraner BOB and Veteran Best in Show! CACIB Babimost (PL) 19.05.2024.
Congratulations to the owner Joanna Wojciechowska!
Slavinja Fenix – German Shorthaired Pointer – last weekend completed his third tracking competition in Sweden with a 1st-degree Diploma, fulfilling the requirements for the title of Swedish Tracking Champion! The week before, Fenix won the BEST IN SHOW title at Östra Vorstehklubben, judged by Peter Hoyer.
Congratulations to Fenix’s handler and owner – Madelené Ljungkvist!
Slavinja STRZYGA – Yakutian Laika – competed in her second Rally Obedience competition in Poland on 02.06.2024 and finished again in 1st place, earning the RALLY-O PUPPY CHAMPIONSHIP at the age of 6.5 months!
Congratulations to Strzyga owner Monika Rikitatt!