SH Vizsla litter A – Kevin & Finka 2023

We have 4 girls and 6 boys Vizsla Short-haired puppies!

Litter was born on December 29, 2023.
If you are interested in the puppies, feel free to contact us: +48501595302

Litter parents:

KARMEL Cinnamon Vizsla Dream

KARMEL Cinnamon Vizsla Dream

(Unicum of Skyrocket x Keira Magyar Tim)

Father of the puppies from the ‘A’ litter of Shorthaired Vizsla is KARMEL Cinnamon Vizsla Dream ‘Kevin’.

Kevin is a very nice, well-balanced Hungarian Shorthaired Pointer with a beautiful head, dark coat, and excellent conformation. Here are a few words about Kevin from his owner: “Kevin is a very cheerful, warm, and joyful dog who adores people. He learns quickly and is very cooperative with the handler. He enjoys the company of other dogs and manages to establish a connection with each of them. I greatly value his lack of aggression towards other males. Kevin excels in various life situations. He is both a hunting dog participating in small game hunts and tracking down wounded big game, but above all, he is a loyal companion in domestic life, easily taken for a walk alongside a child’s stroller or into the city.”

Kevin is a Polish Champion, has passed the Working Tests for Pointers, and is free from hip and elbow dysplasia.


(Aranyvadász Nimrod & CAPOEIRA Banataj Wind)

The mother of the puppies from the ‘A’ litter of Shorthaired Vizsla is our ‘Finka’Slavinja ENDORFINA.

Finka comes from a very good pairing of ‘Ruda’Capoeira Banataj Wind and the exceptional Czech stud ‘Rody’ – Aranyvadász Nimrod. As a wonderful combination of her parents, she is a pointer with a stable character, very sociable, and cheerful, eager to cooperate with humans.

She is free from hip and elbow dysplasia. Finka has also been thoroughly examined, in terms of cardiology, ophthalmology, and screened for breed-specific genetic diseases, being clear of them and not a carrier.

For more information about Finka, click HERE.

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