Short-haired Weimaraner litter R – Heaven & Heca 2024

d.o.b. March, 29th 2024.

We have 12! puppies – 5 girls and 7 boys.

Those interested in puppies from this pairing are welcome to contact us.
In this litter, we are expecting only short-haired and LHC weimaraner puppies!

Parents of the puppies:​

Slavinja fci XERES “Heaven”
Slavinja fci HECA

This is a litter of Weimaraners with an outstanding pedigree, which is a combination of American and European working lines, with the most beautiful dogs from Australian breeding. This combination will undoubtedly result in very stable characters and wonderful working dogs.

Slavinja XERES "Heaven"

(Slavinja fci PERUN & Slavinja fci I'JARUNA)​

The father of the litter will be our young stud – Slavinja XERES – Heaven.

Heaven comes from a very good pairing, his father is Slavinja PERUN, and his mother is Slavinja I’JARUNA. In Heaven’s pedigree, the best working dogs from the US are combined with the most beautiful dogs bred in Australia. Heaven is a dog with a great, cheerful, and balanced character, very sociable and open. He is of medium size, with strong bones, good proportions, a beautiful head, and dark pigment with a silver-gray coat. He is moderately temperamental, easy to train, and learns quickly. Heaven is a healthy dog, thoroughly tested, with examinations confirmed by certificates. In mid-2023, Heaven became a father in our kennel, and we are incredibly pleased with how balanced and cool not only the puppies after Heaven turned out to be in everyday life, but also how well they handle training preparing them for work in the field!

Slavinja HECA​

(Southpaw Duet With Hunsweimaraner x Slavinja Szabora)

The mother of the puppies will be our Slavinja Heca.

Heca comes from a very interesting pairing in terms of utility. She is the daughter of Southpaw Duet with Hunsweimarnaer – Hunor, imported from the US and currently living and hunting in Hungarian fields. Hunor has an outstanding pedigree full of the best working dogs in the US. Heca’s mother is our versatile Helga – Slavinja Szabora. Helga is an excellent working Weimaraner with a pedigree consisting of the best working dogs in Europe and the US. She was very easy to train and handle during hunts and competitions. Heca inherited the best from her parents. She has a wonderful gentle character in everyday life and exceptional drive for work. She is a calm and composed Weimaraner with a moderate temperament, as well as a friendly and cheerful disposition. She is easy to train, very cooperative with the handler. She is a typical representative of the breed, ready to do anything for her owner. She is of medium size, with good bone structure, dark coat pigment, and a beautiful head. Heca is a working dog, after working trials, healthy, thoroughly tested, with examinations confirmed by certificates.
More about Heca HERE…

Heaven and Heca are well-balanced dogs, easy to train and handle. They are obedient, compliant, and do not pose any problems in everyday life. They have all the required tests by the FCI as well as additional examinations confirming their health. Both dogs have been tested for hip dysplasia – HDA and elbow dysplasia ED0:0. Their eyes and heart have been checked, with examinations confirmed by International Health Certificates. They have been genetically tested for single-gene diseases common in the breed, meaning their offspring will also be healthy in this regard.

Those interested in puppies from this pairing are encouraged to contact us.

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