Yakutian Laika litter S – Bazyl & Smuga 2023

We have puppies!

3 males and 5 females

d.o.b. 19.11.2023

Puppies parents:​

Almazy Anabara Zolotoe Runo
Tayna Severa FANTAZIYA

Almazy Anabara Zolotoe Runo 'Bazyl'


The father of ‘S’ litter puppies is Almazy Anabara Zolotoe Runo ‘Bazyl’. 

Bazyl was brought over from Sochi at the age of 4 months and has been living comfortably with other dogs and a cat. He’s sociable and enjoys being around people, often showing a preference for social interaction over food rewards, particularly during trail activities. In his home environment, Bazyl is easy to manage, enjoys sleeping in a regular bed, and appreciates the presence of his handler. For a Laika, he’s relatively quiet and has a fondness for car travel, often accompanying his handler to the office. He displays a strong sense of territory, keeping a watchful eye over his home, car, and yard.
In the realm of scent work, Bazyl has shown aptitude in mantrailing, achieving a PL MT1 title, and engages in recreational tracking as part of his routine. He has performed well in psychological tests, scoring 5/5. Bazyl has also completed the BH obedience title, participated in class 1 Rally-Obedience, and is preparing for class 2 competitions in the next season. When harnessed, Bazyl works effectively as either a lead or swing dog, contributing to the training of younger dogs in front-line roles. He has participated in several competitions in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. He has fulfilled the requirements for a Sled Dog License, which includes a Utility Certificate. In dog shows, Bazyl has earned the titles of Polish Junior Champion and Polish Champion, and has been recognized as Best of Opposite Sex on several occasions. Bazyl exemplifies the qualities of his breed, balancing his roles as a working dog and a companion. His achievements in various canine activities, along with his calm and friendly demeanor, make him a valuable member of his current home and an asset to any breeding program.

Tayna Severa FANTAZIYA 'Smuga'


The mather of ‘S’ litter puppies is Tayna Severa FANTAZIYA ‘Smuga’.

Smuga hails from the Asian side of Russia, near the Ural Mountains, and is a proud puppy of the Tayna Severa kennel, renowned for its working Laikas used in sled dogging and hunting. Bred to thrive in harsh northern climates, Smuga has adapted well to our more moderate conditions. As a medium-sized female, her well-muscled and compact build is complemented by a beautifully maintained coat year-round.
In her work, Smuga shows remarkable passion and independence, with a strong focus and excellent communication skills. Her adeptness in scent work makes training with her on trails a highly rewarding experience. We are excited to be exploring sports like canicross and bikejoring with Smuga, though our primary aim is to venture into dog sled competitions.

More about Smuga HERE

Bazyl and Smuga are well-balanced dogs, easy to train and handle. They are obedient, compliant, and do not pose any problems in everyday life. They have undergone all examinations required by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) as well as additional tests confirming their health. Both dogs have been screened for hip dysplasia – HDA, and elbow dysplasia – ED0:0. Their eyes, ears and heart have been checked, and the results have been confirmed by International Health Certificates as healthy, free from any abnormalities. We encourage those interested in puppies from this exceptional pairing to reach out to us. These puppies would be best suited for active families, especially those with an interest in sports and hunting, where they can fully utilize their inherited skills and traits.

Those interested in puppies from this litter are welcome to contact us:

tel.   +48 515 455 813

In our daily work, we also specialize in dog training, behaviorism, and zoopsychology. This means that prospective owners can be assured of our continual support and advice, whether it’s regarding raising a dog, nutrition, or training.