Weimaraner SH & LH litter S – Oji & Dzida 2024

d.o.b. 10.03.2024

We have 4 boys and 4 girls!
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Parents of the litter S:​

Slavinja ATOM 'Oji"
Slavinja EA "Dzida"

Slavinja ATOM 'Oji'

(RELOADED Just Dance & Slavinja I'JARUNA)

The father of the puppies from litter ‘S’ is a young short-haired Weimaraner from our kennel – Slavinja ATOM ‘Oji’.

Oji comes from a very interesting combination, in his pedigree, we can find both the most beautiful Australian dogs and magnificent dogs from working American lines. Oji is a medium-sized dog, with a beautiful silver-gray coat, correct conformation, and a very handsome masculine head. He is characterized by a very good, balanced temperament, eager to cooperate but not pushy. He is a Weimaraner who willingly performs tasks, and his innate qualities allow him to accomplish them successfully. Oji has a very good nose. Water, retrieving, wide field coverage at a good pace, and steady pointing are his domains. He can focus very well on the assigned tasks, which he performs systematically and without mistakes. He is an unproblematic companion for everyday life, which he leads with his owners in an urban environment. He is a dog who willingly interacts with other dogs – he is a dog with high social skills, who can quickly calm down conflict situations encountered from other four-legged inhabitants of the city. Non-conflict behavior towards other males is a very valuable trait of Oji’s, and from the perspective of living with a dog in the city, it is indispensable. We hope that Oji’s offspring will inherit the best from him! Oji is a short-haired Weimaraner, a carrier of the long hair gene.
More about Oji HERE…

Slavinja EA 'Dzida'

(Slavinja PERUN & Slavinja NAGODA)

The mother of the puppies from litter ‘S’ is our Slavinja EA – ‘Dzida’.

Dzida comes from a very interesting combination of the long-haired Slavinja Perun and the short-haired Slavinja Nagoda. Dzida is a typical Weimaraner, aware of her value and feeling very comfortable in the company of other dogs. She is confident and brave, but not confrontational. She knows her worth but doesn’t need to prove anything. Among people, she feels best among her own, but she approaches strangers with reserve. At home, she is rather a lazybones, a bit like a cat-dog, loving to bask by the fireplace, sleeping in funny positions 😉 Outside the house, she is an active dog, but in a very balanced way. She willingly cooperates with humans, executing commands at a steady pace and with consistency. She quite willingly competes with other dogs in various activities, without being overly aggressive, but she likes to “be first” – as typical for a Weimaraner 😉 In work, she is characterized by passion, independence, and great focus on the task at hand. Her excellent nose makes it a great pleasure to work with her both in the field and in the water environment – her favorite, at any time of the year… In relationships with people, she is very delicate and subtle, and a human’s free hand is a clear signal to her that this person definitely wants to pet her – to which she gladly offers herself. We hope that the puppies from Dzida will inherit her balance, self-assurance, and non-confrontational nature. Dzida is a short-haired Weimaraner, a carrier of the long hair gene.
More about Dzida HERE…

Both Oji and Dzida are well-balanced dogs, easy to train and handle. They are obedient, compliant, and do not pose any problems in everyday life. They have all the required tests by the FCI as well as additional examinations confirming their health. Both dogs have been tested for hip dysplasia with best result possible  – HDA and elbow dysplasia ED0:0. Their eyes and heart have been checked, with results confirmed by Health Certificates – healthy, free from any abnormalities. They have been genetically tested for single-gene diseases common in the breed, meaning their offspring will also be healthy in this regard.

Those interested in the puppies are welcome to contact us:

tel. +48 501 595 302

On a daily basis, we also specialize in dog training, behavior therapy, and animal psychology. We run a dog hotel, so prospective owners can rest assured that they will always be able to count on our assistance and advice, whether it’s regarding dog upbringing, nutrition, or training.