German Spaniel || Wachtelhund litter S – Brutus & Zwrotka

We have 3 males and 2 females. Litter born on August 17, 2021.
If you are interested in a puppy from this cross, please contact us!
The puppies will be ready to go to their new homes after October 5, 2021!

Litter parents:

Brutus Axivald

Slavinja ZWROTKA

Slavinja Zwrotka

The parents of this cross can boast exemplary health that’s been confirmed through numerous veterinary certificates. Their character and temperament are fitting for the breed: alert, with high energy, but never showing unprovoked aggression. Their great exterior has been validated by numerous judges at international events. They are easy to train and handle. 

Brutus Axivald

(Ares Josefovice – Iksi Any-Bon)
Brutus, the father of the litter, was bred in Czech Republic where he actively hunts. He comes from an excellent cross of Ares Josefovice and Iksi Any-Bon. With a proportionate build he represents the German Spaniel lines very well. He’s average in height, with an athletic build, noble head with a slight stop which leads to a broad muzzle. As all Wachtelhunds should be, Brutus has a high prey drive, tough temperament and unmatched determination when faced with wild boars. He has a strong and stable psyche and endless passion during the hunt. The above traits have been handed down from generations of working dogs, and we can surely boast that Brutus has an excellent pedigree. His work has been backed up with a 1st degree diploma from the following Czech competitions:  Zkosky Vloh, Podzimni Zkousky,  Zkoušky z vodní práce. Brutus is free of hip and elbow dysplasia with the best possible results: HD A/A, ED 0:0. 

Slavinja Zwrotka

(TOM vom Hahnenkamm & CZAKRA od Vicenickeho Potoka)

Zwrotka is a young German Spanies in our kennel. Her mother, Czakra, comes from the Czecz Republic – while her well known father, Tom vom Hahnenkamm, from Germany. Zwrotka stands apart from other representatives of the breed through her work drive and agility. She’s easy to lead and always maintains contact when handled. She’s got a wonderful, instinctive yet delicate retrieval and gives a clear loud tongue on fresh scent. Her predisposition is continuously tested during hunts, which she has actively participated in since 6 months of age. She is in full health, with internationally recognized veterinary certificates for both her eyes and heart. She is free of hip and elbow dysplasia with the best possible results: HD A/A, ED 0:0. 

The excellent health as well as numerous work achievements of the parents leads us to believe this was a promising cross. The puppies should inherit an even, balanced character, excellent exterior, and what’s most important, they will maintain the work predisposition that’s so apparent in their pedigrees.
Future owners can rest assured that along with a puppy, you will receive professional training guidance.

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