German Short-haired pointing dog D litter – Hans & Gandzia

Slavinja FCI is proud to announce on 25th of November 2019 a new litter of puppies was born. From such a promising cross we have 3 girls and 2 boys.

The proud parents are:

APOCALYPSA z Dorzecza Nidy “Gandzia”

PIÓRO z Cudownego Lasu “Hans”

The parents exhibit a stable and balanced character, which has been tested during many trials and competitions in Poland and the Czech Republic. Both parents show great exterior which has been awarded on multiple occasions by international judges.

"Hans" Pióro z Cudownego Lasu

(QUINTUS KS von Neuarenberg x FLORA Ja-Sta Czech)

Hans is an extraordinary, young german short haired pointer with excellent work predespositions. As a year old dog he already confirmed his working abilities. Each competition he took part in, he completed with a 1st degree diploma, finishing in one of the top places. He is a wonderful companion both during hunts and at home. As a 2 year old dog he took part in the international, multilateral competition (water, field, forest) in the Czech Republic in the memory of Valdimir Dejmek receiving a CACIT, CACT with 3rd place, 471/500 points along with a reserve motion for the Czech Work Champion. He has a well-balanced character, and stands out in his work with a sure retrieval, wide combing and a steady point. He has great endurance even when working on difficult terrain with feathered game. He has begun his work championship. Hans has a very proper build. He is Junior Champion of Poland and on his way to be Champion of Poland. He is even tempered and his great character matches his exterior. During dog shows, Hans has only received top marks. More about Hans HERE.

"Gandzia" Apocalypsa z Dorzecza Nidy

(Kastor vom Jaghdhundegestrin & Duma z Hubertowych Łowisk)

Gandzia is a 5 year old bitch with great exterior and work predespositions. Her outstanding hunting abilities are backed up by numerous competition achievements, both in Poland and abroad. Up until this day Gandzia has been nominated 3 times for National Work Champion and a motion for International Work Champion. Above all, at the age of 16 months she finished the Jitky Hromadove competition, deemed multilateral due to it’s difficulty. Gandzia is a balanced dam with lots of passion for work. She has a warm, happy demeanor. She is a pleasant hunt companion, and a great dog overall. More about Ganda HERE.

Both Gandzia and Hans are tested and have healthy hearts, backed by an international cardiological certificate: healthy heart, no changes. Both are in full health and free from any genetic faults – no Junctional Epidermolysis bullosa (EBJ) Both are free from hip and elbow displasia, with the best possible results: HD-A,
ED 0:0

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Below you may view the pedigree of the litter: