PIÓRO z Cudownego Lasu "Hans"

(QUINTUS KS von Neuarenberg & FLORA Ja-Sta Czech)

d.o.b. 23.07.2016

Hans comes from a kennel owned by our friends and frequent hunting companions who runs the Animal Breeding Center owned by Polish Hunting Association Gradów. We got to know his mother’s hunting abilities before he was even born. Charming as a puppy, he remains so till this day. His pedigree is carefully crafted from proven working dogs. Hans is a multilateral machine when it comes to work – he is strong and has great stamina, but at the same time he is trustworthy and a level temperament. He has everything you look for in a German Shorthair. His exterior also deserves a mention – a proud posture, dry head and harmonious silhouette has gotten him a lot of praise from prestigious dog shows. and has a great temperament.

Health, utility, shows:

HD-A, ED 0:0
Heart: Tested with Certificate, Clear
EBJ: N/N, free and non carrier


27-28.10.2018 Memoriál Ing. Vladimíra Dejmka CACIT, CACT,
Karlovy Vary, Czech Rep.
(all-round trial / field, water, forest)
471/500p, Ist level Diploma, place 3/11, res. CACT

28-29.10.2017 National Multilateral Hunting Trial for Pointing Dogs,
Rzeszów-Żołynia, Poland:
262/276p, Ist level Diploma, place 8/13

7.10.2017 IV IVth Mazovian Hunting Trial fo Pointing Dogs, OHZ Gradów 2017, Poland:
Ist level diploma, place 1/13, 268/276 points
CPC, Trial Winner!!!
(in age of 14 months)

30.09.2017 X Regional Hunting Trial fo Pointing Dogs, Sienno, Poland:
Ist level diploma, place 2/10, 240/276 points
(in age of 14 months)

13.05.2017 Junior Hunting Trials for Pointing Dogs, Gąbin, Poland:
Ist level diploma, place 8/21, 92/100 points
(in the age of 9 months)


CAC Gostynin 2018:
judge: Bogusława Szydłowicz-Polańczyk
excellent, 1st place, Best Male, CAC, BOB!
BIS Working Dogs II

CACIB Leszno 2018:
judge: Luis Pinto Teixeira (PT)
excellent, 1st place, CAC, CACIB, Best Male, BOB

CAC Nowy Dwór Maz., Poland:
judge: Adam Stasiak
excellent, 1st place, CAC, Best Male, BOB
BIS Working Dogs IV

CAC Brodnica 2018, Poland:
judge: Piotr Król
excellent, 1st place, CAC.

CACIB Kielce 2017, Poland:
judge: Cristian Vantu (RO)
excellent, 1st place, tittle Junior Winner and Junior BOB!

CAC Olszyn 2017, Poland:
judge: Bogusława Szydłowicz-Polańczyk (PL)
ex, 1st place, Junior Winner, Junior BOB, BOB!

CAC Grudziądz 2017, Poland:
judge: Andrzej Stępniński (PL)
ex, 1st place, Junior Winner, Junior BOB!