Weimaraner short-haired ‘H’ litter – Hunor&Helga

Puppies already with us! Litter born on 6/04/2020.We have 5 boys and 3 girls.
If you are interested in a puppy from this cross, please feel free to contact us!

This cross of Weimaraner pedigrees carries a great set of work traits, with both parents actively hunting. Both Helga and Hunor have earned diplomas from competitions in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia! Litter H combines American and European working lines. We believe this cross will produce very stable working dogs.

The parents of the litter are:

Southpaw Duet With Hunsweimaraner “Hunor”​
Slavinja fci SZABORA „Helga”

The pedigrees of this cross show generations of work champions, beginning with dogs such as Asa’s Hunter The Pink One “Hunter” – a Czech work champion, versatile and fully multilateral, whose excellent predisposition for work in the field, water and forest will surely be passed down. In the pedigrees we may find other exceptional dogs such as the American Work Champion Westend’s Lil’l Sage Rider – number one in the official list of working studs of all time kept by the American Weimaraner Club, or Snake Breaks SGT Schultz, number four on that same list. Other dogs in the pedigree which deserve recognition are Grau Geist Lil’s Caprock Rev and Windacner Jota V Reiteralm and the American Work Champion Grau Geist’s Lilith von Legs and Southpaw’s Blue Ridge Beaut being number four and number three among the best working dames, also according to the American Weimaraner Club.

Southpaw Duet With Hunsweimaraner "Hunor"

(Windancers Jota V. Reiteralm x Southpaw's Blue Ridge Beaut)

The father of our future litter H with be Southpaw Duet With Hunsweimaraner „Hunor”, a multilateral dog imported from the USA, currently working and living in Hungary. Hunor is an excellent dog, with a balanced temperament, huge passion for work and a proper build. He’s medium sized with a well-shaped head and good pigment. During work he’s fast, versatile and with near endless stamina. With a steady point and a great nose, he’s got a surprisingly gentle retrieval. He is very eager to work after the shot, leaving no game behind. He’s not too temperamental which makes him very obedient and easy to train. Hunor is a truly interesting example of his breed, on one side being so active during hunts yet so balanced at home with the family. The working abilities of every single dog in his pedigrees are proven with the Work Champion title.

Slavinja fci SZABORA „Helga”

(DINAR Grabownica x Fenomena Team YASUKO)

The mother of our litter will be Helga – Slavinja fci SZABORA. She is a very balanced dame with a sure retrieval and stable character. Helga is easy to lead and train, equally so during hunts. She’s very obedient to her handler, but very fierce with predators. She exhibits a particularly strong defensive instinct, a trait typical of the breed. She makes for an excellent hunting companion, and does very well during multilateral work competitions. Helga boasts a 1st degree international working dog diploma completed at the age of 10 months, getting 5th place out of 17 and being the youngest contestant. She has also completed a Club Competition in the Czech Republic and received a 1st degree diploma, 3rd place, again being the youngest dog out of 22. During the International Multilateral Work Competition -Memoriál Ing.Vladimíra Dejmka 2018 – she finished 4th place and receive the “Best Forest Work” title.

Hunor and Helga are balanced dogs, easy to train and lead. Obedient and friendly they do not cause problems in day to day life, as well as during hunts. They have all certificates required by the FCI, as well as additional health tests which certify their health. Both dogs are tested for hip and elbow dysplasia with top results: HDA and ED0:0. Helga has her eyes and heart tested, backed by International Health Certificates, with great results – free from any faults. She has her thyroid tested – also fully healthy.

For those interested in puppies from this special cross, please feel free to get in touch with us!
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