Weimaraner short-haired ‘G’ litter​ – Pero & Niko

Puppies already with us! Litter born on 16/04/2020. We have 6 boys and 5 girls.
If you are interested in a puppy from this cross, please feel free to contact us!

The parents of the litter are:

Slavinja Perun “Pero”
Slavinja NIEPEŁKA “Niko”
Both parents are fully healthy, with bright character and an even temperament. Obedient and attentive, they have an excellent work predisposition.

Slavinja Perun "Pero"

(Puma von der Wartelshohe & Waldwiese CONTRA)

Perun is a fantastic stud, born in our Kennel. His pedigree is a combination of the best Australian show dog lines, mixed with lines of German working dogs, which compete in some of the most rigorous multilateral work competitions. Despite his young age, he received recognition from many international judges at shows in Poland and abroad. He began his hunting career well, with a 1st degree, 3rd place finish at his hunting trials. He stands apart from other dogs in his perseverance and precision, sweeping the field from side to side tirelessly. Once he catches wind of something, he’s got a great steady point. He loves water, even in the winter time. Easy to lead, very focused on the handler – always wanting to please. One of Perun’s greatest assets is his exterior. He’s got a very masculine, strong build, light movement and balanced proportions – it’s impossible to miss him. He is one of the best-looking long hair Weimaraners of recent time. He’s gotten very good results at dog shows, including Europe 2018 Winner, Polish champion, Junior Champion of Poland and Junior Champion of Slovakia. He is 2018 club winner and has been nominated to participate in Crufts. He comes from our Slavinja Waldweise Contra (Mokosz) and the German stud dog Puma von der Wartelshohe.

"Niko" Slavinja NIEPEŁKA

(Slavinja URSUS MAYOR & Slavinja SZABORA)

Slavinja Nepełka is a dam from our kennel whose parents are Slavinja Ursus Mayor and Slavinja Szabora “Helga”. Niko is a bright tempered, energetic and very active girl. One of her greatest strengths is her agility when searching the field and her water work, where she navigates some of the toughest imaginable terrain. She’s a good representation of the Weimaraner breed – with a proper temperament and responsiveness to her handlers. At the moment Niko has her hunting trials as well as a multilateral work competition in the Czech Republic. She has started her polish championship.

Both Perun and Niko have a full set of tests required by the FCI and additional tests which confirm their excellent health. Both dogs have been tested for hip and elbow dysplasia with HDA and ED0:0 results. They have had their eyes checked and their heart tested – both backed by international veterinary certificates. Additionally, they have a set of genetic tests done against all genetic disorders common to the breed. All this leads us to believe that the puppies will be in top condition, with great exterior, and most of all, proper hunting traits. Future owners can rest assured they will receive professional guidance in choosing and raising their new companion.

Anyone interested in this cross, please get in touch:
tel. +48 501 595 302