Jack Russell Terrier ‘C’ litter – Chef & Pino

We have a litter of Jack Russell Terriers! 4 boys were born on 15.02.2020!​

The parents of the litter are:

Chef Pylades

Melisa Magia Psiego Ogona

As usual, both parents have genetic tests for conditions common in the breed, all with current certificates. Chef and Pino have very strong temperament, typical for terriers and boh display a natural eagerness for work. We recommend that puppies from this litter go to people who like to spend time with their dog actively – runners, dog sport lovers and hunters. The cross brings together two excellent pedigrees, and we expect puppies with great character and a proper exterior build

Chef Pylades

(Aikiwa Jago & FanFan Pylades)

Chef, the father of our litter, is an excellent, versatile hunting dog. He’s very expressive with deep pigmentation, dark eyes and very proper angulation. His head is an excellent representation of the Jack Russell Terrier breed. His top line is fantastic, even and ending in a very sturdy tail. His movement is consistent and smooth even though Chef has a really strong build. He’s a confident dog during hunts, very easily motivated with endless energy. He proves his skills in day to day hunting as well as in competitions, and can work equally well in the water and in the forest. He’s got a full set of teeth, a DNA profile proving he is free of any faults and great results on displasia tests.

Melisa Magia Psiego Ogona


The mather of our litter Pino is strong, energetic and agile. Her incredible persistence and eagerness combined with her keen predisposition make her a great example of a Jack Russell Terrier. Her compact size and strong personality make Pino a great dog for flushing game from a variety of terrain types. She has a resonant and systematic bark. Pino, despite her terrier temperament, can work with a lot of focus when tracking game. Her working abilities pair well with an excellent exterior. In her pedigree we may find true show stars like TOUCHSTAR ORINOKO or TOUCHSTAR GENESIS. Pino, despite holding true to all terrier traits, is also a really darling dog, winning the hearts of all the children in our family.

The parent’s excellent results in both competitions and dog shows, as well as their health, lead us to believe that this coming litter will be outstanding. The puppies will have great exterior, proper health and what’s most important, they will display all breed characteristics of the Jack Russell Terrier. Future owners can rest assured that along with the puppy they will also receive professional guidance and tips in raising their new companion. If needed we also offer top of the line training. Please feel free to get in touch, we can assist in selecting the right puppy for you.
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Puppies pedigree below: