Slavinja fci means:

The founding of Slavinja fci took place much earlier then it’s functioning under the current alias.

For the first five years of our collaboration we existed as a part of the kennel Fenomena Team.

During this time we bred and raised a few litters and trained a couple wonderful working dogs, which became the fundamental force for the creation of Slavinja fci.

2013 was a breakthrough year, as we decided to create our own new brand, which fulfilled our principles and requirement.
Our strict breeding criteria and the inability to realize them under the Fenomena Team kennel name, were the driving force for the split up.
So that our work does not become a meaningless slogan, we steer our actions with thought and operate honestly.

The dogs we breed characterize themselves with an even temper, good health and a proper build. The parents of our litters are thoroughly researched and selected for their working, as well as breeding capabilities.

Our work is evaluated by judges who evaluate working dogs as well as cynology associations. The health of our dogs is backed by veterinary certificates to minimize the passing of improper genes to future generations.