APOCALYPSA z Dorzecza Nidy "Gandzia"

(KASTOR vom Jagdhundegestirn & DUMA z Hubertowych Łowisk)

d.o.b. 07.12.2014

Gandzia is a dame of harmonious proportions. Strong, agile and with quite a lot of endurance she’s just like a German Shorthair Pointer should be. Her steady point, work in water and excellent retrieval make for a reliable hunting companion in both competitions and everyday use. All of this is no coincidence… both of Ganda’sparents are wonderful hunting dogs. Kastor, the father, comes from a Ukrainian kennel Jagdhundegestirn and his pedigree carries some of the best German working lines, tested through German criteria for shorthairs. He has been praised for his exterior by many international judges. Kastor is a dog, who, besides a practical hunting dog, has proven his working abilities through uncountable competitions and trials in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. He is one of few dogs in Europe able to boast such a wide range of work achievements – starting with typical pointing work through tracking and boar hunting. Kastor is also Champion of Ukraine and he has begun both his Polish and German championships. The mother of our Gandzia is Duma z Hubertowych Łowisk. She is an experienced dog, having none to match her ability in the open field. She’s great during water work, and has a steady, assured retrieval. Duma is easy to train and lead, and invaluable for feathered game. She has completed her junior working dog trials without a problem, as well as multilateral trials and Slovakian water championships. Duma has a wonderful exterior, which she has proven during numerous dog exhibitions, gaining a Polish Championship.

Health, utility, shows:

HD:A, ED 0:0
Heart: Tested with Certificate, Clear
Junctional epidermolysis bullosa (EBJ): free, genotype N/N
Tyroid: too young


National Multilateral Hunting Trial for Pointing Dogs, Rzeszów-Żołynia 2017:
Ist level diploma, place 5/13, 268/276p.

International Multilateral Hunting Trial for Pointing Dogs, Ryki-Nałęczów 2017
2nd place out of 25, Ist level diploma, 272/276p and res. CACIT !!!

Ist Regional Multilateral Hunting Trials for Pointing Dogs and Small Working Breeds in Natalin, PL
Ist level diploma, 1st place, 273/276p and Working Champion Qualification – CPC.

XX Kujawsko-Pomorski Multilateral Hunting Trial, OHZ Grodno PL, 2016:
1st level diploma, place 1/13, 269/276p., Working Champion Qualification – CPC!!!

CACIT Multilateral Hunting Trial, Nałęczów, PL 2016:
place 5/12, 266/276 p. 2nd level diploma

III. Mazovian Multilateral Hunting Trial, PL, 2016:
1st level diploma, place 1/12, 271/276p., Working Champion Qualification – CPC!!!

Junior Hunting Trials, Ciechanów, PL 2016:
Ist level dioploma, place 2/24, 100/100p.

30-31.07.2016 VIII Memorial Jitky Hromadove, CZ:
Zkousky vloh – 211 p, I st level diploma
Zkousky z vodni prace – 90 p., I st level diploma
Lesni zkousky – 220 p., II nd level diploma


CAC Olsztyn 2017, PL:

judge: Bogusława Szydłowicz-Polańczyk
ex., place 1, CAC, BOS.

CAC Golub-Dobrzyń 2016, PL:
judge: Andrzej Brabletz (PL)
ex, place 1, CAC, Best Female, BOS

CACIB Częstochowa 2016, PL:
judge: Janusz Opara (PL)
exa, place 2

CACIB Warszawa 2016, PL:
judge: Sean Delmar (IRL)
ex, place 1, CAC