Comprehensive dog training for use on hunting grounds.
Training geared towards trials and competitions.
Preparation of both the owner and dog for every type of trial, hunting competition or test, both in Poland and abroad:
– Junior Hunting Trials, Próby Polowe, Field Trial, Zkousky Vloh, Derby, VJP
– Multilateral Trials, Konkursy wielostronne, Podzimne Zkousky, Solms, HZ
– All-round Trials, Konkursy wszechstronne, Vsechstronne Zkousky, VGP
– Specjalistyczne konkursy pracy (wodne, SZVP, leśne, LZ).

We also offer:
– leading your dog in any of the above mentioned competitions.
– organization of workshops, lectures and presentations related to cynology.
– help in selecting and raising a puppy
– solutions to behavioral problems
– handling during hunts

If any of you will need help or advice on dog training
We invite you to contact us:

Tomasz Wiński
tel. +48 504 247 738