• CACIB Wisła

    Slavinja BENNETT BOSS (GSP) – excellent, 1st place, Junior Winner, BOB Junior!

    Huge CONGRATULATIONS to the Owners and thank You for such lovely photo!

  • Euro Dog Show 2019 & Austrian Winner 2019

    Slavinja KOSTROMA  (weimaraner LH) – Excellent, 1st place, Junior BOB,
    Slavinja PANDORA (weimaraner LH) – Excellent, 1st place, CACA, CACIB, BOS,
    EUROPEAN WINNER 2019 !!!
    This is the second Euro winner title for Pandora. She defended her 2018 title and is looking great as always.
    Svetlana Koptseva huge congrats and thank You!

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    Slavinja ZWROTKA (wchtelhund)  – Excellent, 1st place, Junior BOB, BOB,
    Handling – the one and only! Ewelina Pęchorzewska – Rybak!
    Thank You Ewelina!

    Thanks to Alex Linek and Paulina Klimek for capturing the moment, great photos!

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  • 44. National Mazovian Dog Show Łąck 2019

    Slavinja ZGRAJA (wachtelhund)
    Excellent, 1st place, Junior BOB, BOB!!!
    Owner: Z.Ławczyński

    Slavinja BOO (GSP)
    Excellent, 1st place, Junior Winner, Junior BOB!!!
    Owner: D.Zalewska

    Thank You very much and CONGRATULATION!

  • 43. i 44. CAC Kalisz, Poland

    ​Slavinja KOSTROMA (lh weimaraner)
    ex, 1st place, Junior Winner, Junior BOB, BOB!
    Kosa fulfilled requirements to be JUNIOR CHAMPION OF POLAND!
    Slavinja ZWROTKA (wachtelhund)
    2x ex, 2x 1st place, 2x Junior Winner, 2x Junior BOB
    Slavinja CASSIOPEIA  (GSP)
    2x vp, 2x 1st place, 2x Best Puppy
    Slavinja ANIME GIRL (jack russell terrier)
    1x ex, 1x vg, 2x 1st place, CAC
    Slavinja MILUBA
    (weimaraner sh) ex, 1st place, CAC

  • We have Hungarian short-haired pointer puppies!

    On 13th of May 2019 the Hungarian short-haired pointer litter was born out of:
    Gyurkóvári Becses “Lux” & Capoeira Banataj Wind “Ruda”.

    We have 7 boys and 4 girls.
    Mother and pups are doing great!

    To find out more about the parents of this litter you may visit current litter tab.

    Please contact us if you have any questions about this remain cross.

    phone: +48 501 595 302

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