Slavinja fci NIEPEŁKA "Niko"

Niko comes from the cross of Slavinja URSUS MAYOR and Slavinja SZABORA. She is an energetic, bright tempered girl, always ready to please her handler, and always eager to work. She obeys commands quickly and and without hesitation. She is best in the field with ample room to search for game and present her pointing skills. She also stands apart from other Weimaraners in her passion for water – Niko will leap into any, and every, body of water, no matter how demanding the terrain. She inherits this after her outstanding grandfather Helmut, and great grandfather Hunter. Niko has a proper build with a fantastic head, large properly positioned ears and a dark pigment so rarely found in the breed these days.

HD: A, ED: 0:0
Heart: cert.tested – clear
Eyes: cert.tested, clear
Hypomyelination, HYP – N/N, No copies of mutation
Degenerative Myelopathy, DM – N/N, No copies of mutation
Thyroid: too young

Podzimní zkoušky, CACT w Velké Albrechtice, Czechy
3rd level diploma, 243 p

Junior Hunting Trials Liciszewy 2018:
1st level diploma, 90/100p, place 8/20

Club Show for Pointing Dogs, Uzarzewo 2018:
Judge: Chris Hancock (IE)
ex, place 4/6

CAC, Twardy Dół 2018:
Judge: Violetta Rachwalska
ex, place 1, CAC

CAC, Szczytno 2018:
Judge: Elżbieta Sobieszczańska
ex, place 1, CAC